Friday, January 11, 2008

Looking Ahead to Spring and Beyond

Well, my favorite Winter Texan couple - Don & Ginny Wierenga (aka Dad & Mom Feets) - made the long drive down from Michigan and are settling into the Sandbox. I sure am happy to have them here and not only because they always leave the place in better shape than they found it... ;-)

They have got the place locked in through Feb. but as always March is a whole different story. Once again, I will be welcoming spring breakers to the Sandbox and have in fact been getting lots of nibbles for all weeks in March. Why book the Sandbox for your spring break? Well, firstly because the place is spacious and very very cool, fully equipped as it is with a sweet pool table, a bidet (for keeping lots of beer cold, dontchaknow?); a wet bar inside and a dry bar (with stools) on the back deck. Furthermore, I don't make you wear silly wrist bands, I don't count noses and I don't expect you to be quiet little churchmice....

the passion vine doesn't know that it is winter and continues to put out new blooms

Summer reservations are starting to trickle in, so if you have specific dates in mind, it would probably be a good idea to nail them down.
Meanwhile, it is still winter (hah!) here on SPI -- for a couple more weeks, anyway.

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