Saturday, March 3, 2007

Vacancies Galore!

Attention Springbreakers (and other nice people who need a jumpstart on spring)!

I want YOU to come stay with ME!

I still have vacancies -- not because the place sucks (which it really and truly does not) but because I just took possession of it and have not had time to market it.

I am all booked up for Texas week but if you are heading this way the week of March 17 you can still rent this amazing place -- fully equipped (must I say it again?) with a pool table, a piano, WiFi, iPod-driven sound system, wide-screen TV, 2 big decks (for partying and sunning no matter which way the wind is blowing) and a bidet*.

I am highly motivated to rent this fabulous place this spring. Name your price! No reasonable offer will be laughed/sneered at. Seriously.

*Of what use is a bidet? you may well ask... Well, I can think of plenty of uses besides what you can read in wikipedia...

wash out your lingerie!
fill it with cubes and ice down your beer!
interesting holder for a potted fern!