Monday, March 24, 2008

Spi-cam moves

Summer is booking up nicely but I still have some vacancies in July and August.

In other news, Spi-cam has ben transformed into Sandbox Cam and has moved downstairs to the low-rent part of town where sandy feet lives, and now you can drop by the ye olde sandboxe any time you like. If you hit it right, you might catch me working on something -- I have been spending a fair amount of time back there lately as the weather has been perfect.<

I am experimenting with carving foam and covering it with sand -- today's project is a celtic cross commissioned for a beach wedding

sandy feet on the tube - I am happy to report that Sand Blasters III has premiered and is in heavy rotation on the Travel Channel. And every time it airs your humble inn keeper wins first place AGAIN and gets to walk away with that humungous check (that was fully spent months ago, alas.)

sandyfeet and sandblasters check