Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Going, Going, Gone!

The Last Days of Summer

I know, summer hasn't even officially begun yet, but I am already almost completely booked through Labor Day.

I say "almost" -- because I do have a (very) few dates still vacant. Over the past several days there has been a small flurry of email flooding in from interested parties. I have decided the fairest way to handle this happy state of affairs is to post specific dates and rates here and see who can come up with a deposit first.

Prices listed are the whole enchilada - the taxes and cleaning fees are already figured in, but tack on another $50 if you are bringing Fido(s). The first party to post a 50% deposit on my secure server gets the Sandbox. (You can choose paypal from there as well; and I do card authorizations manually so if you post too late your card will not be charged and the info will be purged.)

I will remove dates promptly as they are booked so you may assume this list is reasonably up to date.

June 8 check-in, June 12 check-out (4 nights) - $1200
June 22 check in, June 27 check-out (5 nights) - $1275
July 11 check-in, July 14 check-out (3 nights) - $900
July 18 check-in, July 22 check-out (4 nights) - $1250
Aug. 10-21 (3-night minimum) - $250/night
Aug. 25-Sept.6 (3-night minimum) - $270/night

Friday, May 2, 2008

last minute cancellation May 8-11

Has left me with an unexpected vacancy.
Email -- no reasonable offer will be refused!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

House Concert in the Sandbox this Friday (4/25)

April 25, 2008 - Raina Rose returns for a one-night engagement in the SandBox Inn sandbox at a meet and greet for alderwoman JoAnn Evans (who we very much hope will get your vote on May 10.)
Things will get started around 5:30 PM with the Saturn Street Strummers. There will be refreshments provided and we will be passing the hat for Raina. Please come and bring a friend!
This singer/songwriter from Oregon entertained 30 or so plus last time she was here (back in Sept. of 2007) and we are very fortunate to have her back for a return engagement. More info...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Spi-cam moves

Summer is booking up nicely but I still have some vacancies in July and August.

In other news, Spi-cam has ben transformed into Sandbox Cam and has moved downstairs to the low-rent part of town where sandy feet lives, and now you can drop by the ye olde sandboxe any time you like. If you hit it right, you might catch me working on something -- I have been spending a fair amount of time back there lately as the weather has been perfect.<

I am experimenting with carving foam and covering it with sand -- today's project is a celtic cross commissioned for a beach wedding

sandy feet on the tube - I am happy to report that Sand Blasters III has premiered and is in heavy rotation on the Travel Channel. And every time it airs your humble inn keeper wins first place AGAIN and gets to walk away with that humungous check (that was fully spent months ago, alas.)

sandyfeet and sandblasters check

Friday, January 11, 2008

Looking Ahead to Spring and Beyond

Well, my favorite Winter Texan couple - Don & Ginny Wierenga (aka Dad & Mom Feets) - made the long drive down from Michigan and are settling into the Sandbox. I sure am happy to have them here and not only because they always leave the place in better shape than they found it... ;-)

They have got the place locked in through Feb. but as always March is a whole different story. Once again, I will be welcoming spring breakers to the Sandbox and have in fact been getting lots of nibbles for all weeks in March. Why book the Sandbox for your spring break? Well, firstly because the place is spacious and very very cool, fully equipped as it is with a sweet pool table, a bidet (for keeping lots of beer cold, dontchaknow?); a wet bar inside and a dry bar (with stools) on the back deck. Furthermore, I don't make you wear silly wrist bands, I don't count noses and I don't expect you to be quiet little churchmice....

the passion vine doesn't know that it is winter and continues to put out new blooms

Summer reservations are starting to trickle in, so if you have specific dates in mind, it would probably be a good idea to nail them down.
Meanwhile, it is still winter (hah!) here on SPI -- for a couple more weeks, anyway.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

holiday vacancy

Due to a last-minute cancellation, I find myself with a vacant condo for New Years. This is a great opportunity for someone to host a holiday gathering in a fun and spacious party spot, get happy and then crawl into the conveniently adjacent bedroom. Make me an offer -- I am ready to negotiate!